Here are the shows performed by Olivier Laurent: JACQUES BREL and THE INTERPRETATOR.


More than an impersonator, Olivier Laurent is a genius interpreter!
He is a naturally talented artist bringing Jacques Brel’s lyrics to life as never before, performing every night as if his life depended on it.
According to the French daily “Le Figaro” he’s a true stage reincarnation of the greatest Belgian singer-songwriter-actor of all times!
Through this musical journey performed 100+ times to packed audiences in tears, laughs and ecstasy,
in Paris, Montréal, Stockholm, Beirut and recently in London,
the Artist pays a vibrant personal tribute to the songs of Jacques Brel, iconic monuments of Belgian heritage.

Download the press book dedicated to Olivier Laurent’s tribute to Jacques Brel.

The Interpretator

Olivier Laurent is not the usual type of imitator, he’s what we could call an “interpretator”.

In a festive and popular spirit, Olivier revisits an exciting format which he’s been developing since the start of his stage career: a show bringing together tens of iconic voices in an unexpected energizing performance. Full of wit, fun & emotion, this show is a party like no other. Get ready for The Interpretator.

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Photo credits: Anthony Klein, Caroline Vandercruyssen, Frédéric Volkaerts, Stéphane Kepenne, Fabienne Boueroux, Emilio Perez